Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nice day to spend on a bicycle

Trying out a 1970's French Peugeot at the bike swap
What a difference a day makes.  Yesterday, it was cold enough to wear 4 layers, gloves, and a touque.  Today it was definitely a bike shorts day.

Not that I was motivated right away despite the good weather forecast.  It took me until 11am before I actually left the house.  I first headed to the local Bike Swap hosted by the local Cycling club.  I've never been to it before because I am always hiking that day.  But not this year, as I spent 2 days doing Rambler's activities.  I wanted a bike day too.

I was looking for a Winter Beater bike that's better then what I currently have, but didn't find anything.  I did find some nice bikes though.  There was a Peugeot that I really liked!  But I couldn't get myself to fork out the $150. I think that it was a good deal, and looked like it had new parts.  I wonder how hard it is to find tires, and parts for it?  Oh well, I did get to ride it for a moment just for a taste!  It even has generator style lights.  Sweet! If I bought it though, I'd want brake handles on top too as I wouldn't want to be bent down for a long ride.  Can that even be done on a Peugeot?

He bought the Peugeot.  Tried it out beforehand.
1939 CCM

Peugeot inside.

Cool Tandem
Perhaps if there was a foldup, I might have been also tempted, but I had only brought $60 in case.  But I could have made a down payment and rushed to the ATM!

There was quite the lineup before it started.  It seemed to be a very popular event! I hope to return to it next year.  Maybe with more cash.

After visiting the swap, I felt energized enough to do a good ride.  I did a 50+ km loop by the Airport.  I bumped into some people who were also on Tour De Jasper last year.  It was nice to get out into the country, even though the leaves are just barely coming out.  I hope to have more days like this.  It it supposed to be raining tomorrow, again!
Air Cadet glider was out, I had a ride in that once.

Following the route of Tour De Jasper for a while

20 km out I turned off onto Old Giscome Road.
Apparently there was a race going on, but I didn't see anyone
It was nice to ride on a country road

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