Wednesday, July 27, 2011

600 kms and counting.

Columbia Icefields.
The Adventures of Squirrel and Bunny:

Yeh, I've made 600 kms on my bike now.  I biked for 4 days from Prince George to Jasper.  Then me and Jim continued on through the icefields.

We biked 2 50 km days then yesterday we biked 105 kms!  That's great considering how loaded my bike is.
I rode 3 days with Deanna on Tour De Jasper.  Great company!

Me and Deanna
 We had lots of rain on Tour De Jasper, but it's been good for the rest of the trip except for yesterday and today.  We checked into the HI Lake Louise Hostel and boy does it feel good!  Dry things, have a shower, do laundry.  Heaven.

Crazy things happened..  I nearly lost my tent poles on the first leg after Jasper.  Some lady in the opposite direction saw them fall off. She turned around, picked them up and drove up to us to give me them!  Whew!  Jim then taught me that night how to pack my bike better so I won't lose important things like that.

I freaking climbed this summit for most of the way
Some other guy gave me water when I was going to get some from a creek that was questionable.  Another guy gave me dinner.  People wanted photographs with me as they were in awe!  There are tons of other bicyclists out there and I had a fun time chatting with them and other tourists.

I met a fellow squirrel
Remember NOT to feed the animals! ;)

Squirt must be loving all the rain.

Oh, I got the nickname Squirrel for how energized I was on Tour De Jasper and Jim is called 'Energizer' Bunny.  :) In case you are wondering.

I feel like I'm in some quest for something adventure movie with all the crazy things that I have done so far!  Climbing mountains, biking in the pouring rain, meeting the most interesting characters.  I can't get anymore far removed from home doing this.  May it continue.  I'm up for some challenging days ahead.  Roger's Pass is a big one!

Welcome to all my new followers who I met along the way......and thanks to all those who continue to follow me.


  1. How are you finding riding on the Icefields parkway? Does it feel safe? I haven't been there since probably 1990 or so...

  2. I found it alright. Lots of traffic! Jim kept me in line if I got too close to the road. There were some tight areas though, even where I was walking up where I got too close to a bus, or car...glad I'm going with someone experienced.

    You really just have to be super aware. It's nice leaving at 8ish as there isn't as much traffic yet. (and not as much headwinds either)



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