Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bells and other stuff

Spotted the first bell that I've noticed on another rider's bike.
It has been a busy week for me as I've been prepping for bike trip.  It starts next Wednesday.  Again, sorry for the lack of posts, I've been very busy.  I had some free time this afternoon due to the storm.

I've been riding as much as possible, but I still have that sense of doubt of doing enough!  Yesterday I did bike up one big hill and a smaller one, with a distance of 25 kms, so I suppose that it could be worse.  I will try to do 2 longer distance ones like I did last week, on the weekend.  I hope the weather improves as it's not made riding very easy.  I was going to ride up the University hill today to pick up some free half/half clip pedals that a friend is giving me, but then a big thunderstorm started, there was a big thunderstorm warning, so who knows how long that would last.  My friend is going to drop it off after work.

We have had so much rain, it's crazy!  I led a hike on the weekend and we couldn't do it because of a closed highway in that direction due to a washout.  We did a hike 3 hours drive Southeast of here instead. I am hoping that it'll dry up a bit.  Today's storm would have been a 'huddle under a tarp until it stops' weather on the bike tour.  I have bought 3 dry bags, including one that lets the air escape so it becomes compact.  That one will be good for the evening clothing in the front pannier.

I've been biking when I can though, and even through miserable weather.  I like biking up the University hill and doing a loop as it's close to the centre of town.  It's hard to take good photos when it's dark and miserable, so I apologize for the crappy photos.

I rode with all 5 bags on to get the feel of it
Neat bridge at UNBC

While on my bike travels around town, I spotted a dinosaur bell! Seems that I'm not the only one in town with a funky bell anymore.  The bike is an older Raleigh, when they used to be a quality bike. This bike had some good quality tires on the bike. Pedal Talk's bike bell search is contagious. I'm sure that you will see more of that happening here.  (hoping anyways)

I bought these neat bike shoes.  The bottom is made so that it's easier to walk around on them when I'm not on the bike.  It's has stiffer soles then I am used to, but they are pretty sweet!  I was going to get shoes anyways, so having the pedals for free is a bonus, that's partly why I am going the clip route. But with the half/half pedal, I can go both ways.  I will take my Keen sandals along in the case that I like to use them on the regular pedal side.
I think I got everything that I need for now. I want to get Ortlieb bags, but not this year!

**8:10pm update- while trying to swap pedals, Jim noticed that the thread on the one side is wrecked  so he can't put a pedal on straight.   Would have the tour last year put the pedals on backwards after the trip?  They haven't been removed since.  He says that the bike shop can 'tap' it to fix the thread.  The other one couldn't loosen at all, so I wonder how the thread is on that.  I'm walking the bike to work and dropping it at the bike shop after work.  I might as well get it looked at too to make sure it's in tip top shape for the big trip.  No training ride for me though tomorrow, but what can I do?


  1. I've heard about the storms PG has been getting. As to being in shape, at least you are hiking and biking when you can, and since you do these all year round I'm sure you will be fine!

    Bike Bell Spotting IS contagious! Once you start, you cannot stop! :)

  2. It's cleared up and is quite warm. But now I feel so lazy. Sorting through my stuff. Still haven't heard from the lady who is dropping off the pedals, so can't go anywhere anyways.. :)



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