Tuesday, July 5, 2011

2 weeks to go!

Sorry for the absence of blogging.  I just came back from a short trip to Jasper to meet up with some friends from the UK.  I'll post more about my trip and a meeting with a fellow bike tourist.

Today, I finally did a real good ride out into the country to train for my big bike trip.  I rode out to Salmon Valley and I completed just over 50 kms.

I purchased a Bar bag yesterday and installed it.  I had troubles with the gears because the cables were too small to work with the bag, so I brought the bike into the shop today to get longer cables.  I have very little bar room now and I couldn't get the item which adds bar space to fit on my bike, so no bell. I'm lucky though, I found a spot for Squirt.  There's also room for the necessary odometer.  It uses a quick release system, so that's why my bar space has been eaten up.
Squirt is happy that he'll be joining my ride

Cloudy but no rain. Will there ever be a Summer here?

I like the bar bag, it's a good place to put the camera, a drink, and some snacks.  I am still debating about getting clipless system, as the cages aren't working out.  I don't know, it's a tight month money wise, so not sure if I want to splurge.  I test rode without the cages to see how I fared and I did alright. I realize that it's personal preference. I will still have to buy new bike shoes though.

Here's to many more rides like this before the trip.  I'm doing pretty well considering...  But I'll remember to wear my bike shorts next time.  I see now why it's necessary.  I got a bit of a sore bum after riding in capris today.

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