Monday, June 27, 2011

Getting serious to enjoy the ride

looking back towards downtown
Yeh, today I took a good training ride.  After doing a few errands after work, I headed up Highway 16 East, the same route that we head out on Tour De Jasper.  I rode about 30 kms or so in the hot sun.  It was hard getting motivated about it after working, but once I was out and riding, I really enjoyed it.  It was nice to hear the peace and quiet of the country.  Near the end I really wasn't going too fast, but that's ok..I am glad to get a good ride in today, it sure beats going home to my hot and stuffy apartment.

One observation made today, I don't think I like the toe cages. I didn't like them after using them for a few days on Tour De Jasper last year as my feet felt sore being crammed into them.  I am not sure if I'll invest in toe clips/shoes..but might be a good decision since toe cages are not working too well.

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