Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Spring colours

Received another Postcrossing postcard from Netherland friend.

I love Spring! Finally the leaves are out and the blossoms are on the trees.  There is the sweet scent from the blossoms which is so enchanting.  I only wish that it wasn't so fleeting.  One must savour every moment of it.

I love the colours.  I really miss that during the Winter.  My friend in the Netherlands must have known that because she sent me a nice colourful bicycle postcard.   Thank you Nolleke!  I got to find another special one for her.  Postcrossing has been slow lately, and I've had a couple of lost cards, but that's alright, I am kept busy with other things now that the weather is nice.

The Bike to Work week has been good, I've been wearing the t-shirt that I got daily.  I wish I could make it to the celebration stations in the morning, but oh well.  I could make it to one on Friday though!

I'm excited about my Summer Bicycle adventure and it now seems that I will be volunteering to do sweep on Tour De Jasper, so I will be riding that way again.  Combine that with Jasper to Vancouver (via Banff) and I'll really be racking on the kilometres this Summer!  It'll be hard to leave the birds for a bit, but I am glad that my roommate has offered to take care of them for me while I'm gone.

I"m going to be in Vancouver for a bit, so I may not post this upcoming week, but I will see what I can do...I'm going to meet up with a fellow Bicycle Blogger there. As to who it is, I'll leave it as a surprise for now.

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  1. Have fun in Vancouver, make sure to rent a bike and check out the Stanley Park Seawall, the path around False Creek, Dunsmuir, Hornby, Carrall, and Burrard St Bridge separated bike lanes, and if there's time, at least one residential neighbourhood route. The Ontario route is the best one.



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