Saturday, June 25, 2011

Start of season for Ancient Forest work

Brian could carry many pieces of wood using wheelbarrow
This past Saturday, June 18,  was the first day of the year in which some members of the Caledonia Ramblers went out to work on the Ancient Forest.  We had 2 big stacks of 4x4s to move from the parking lot into the forest.  There was 2 other people that also worked on Friday and camped overnight.

Dave K. carrying wood
Leaving wood along the way
Ric taking a bit of break
 While we were carrying wood in, 3 people that were hiking offered to carry a little bit.  By little bit, they meant like 4 or 5 4x4s!!  Wow, that was nice of them.  The help offered is amazing at times.

After carrying over 200 pieces of wood in, we then turned our attention to fixing the road into the parking lot.  An underground Spring flooded out part of it and created one big pothole/rut.  Since we had no loader we filled it in by hand!

We collected big rocks to fill in the gap and then dumped sand over it all to fill in the holes.  The guys collected the dirt and I played in the dirty, levelling out the dirt over the rocks with both my feet and hands.  I knew that playing in the sandbox and making roads for my hot wheels would come in handy one day!
Brian collecting boulders
Nowell shovelling out dirt and boulders

Ric with another load of boulders
Now the road is once again open to all vehicles.  We hope to put in culverts sometime to drain the water away from the spring so that it doesn't collect on the road and create holes.

I helped spread out the dirt over the rocks

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