Monday, June 20, 2011

Only one month until big bike adventure!

At the bottom of UNBC hill
Today it's a month till I leave on my big bike adventure.

I finally started taking it seriously and doing some more riding after work.  It's easier to load bike with riding stuff then going home to get it.  Once I'm home, I am going nowhere!

After work I dropped by the bike shop and chatted.   I looked at suitable tires to have as a spare.  I think that I will be getting The Continental Travel Contact Globetrotter as it folds up nicely and is similar to the Continental Tour Plus tires that I have on my bike.  A bit more expensive then my tires, but light to carry.  I think fold up tires cost more, but it's the only way to carry a spare which I definitely will need on the trip even though my current tires are brand new.  It's a good thing that I got panniers that I can borrow, so I can save some money this year.

I biked a 15 km loop up the University Hill and around College Heights.  I got to try out my new bike shorts that don't look like bike shorts.

I'm going to try riding after work when I can.  On Thursday though, I have to go the meeting for the upcoming Tour De Jasper which I am volunteering in.  I'm getting excited!  The tour leaves on July 20th this year.

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  1. Its nice to see Squirt getting some air!



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