Saturday, June 18, 2011

Positive side of Vancouver

I debated about posting the photos of the Canucks fan gathering recently in downtown.  This event, which was on Friday, June 10, was good because the Canucks won the game.  Recently, after the last game, in which they lost the Stanley Cup, rioting broke out! You may have seen that on your local news station.

This is not the Vancouver I know.  For the most part, they are nice people.  I really do believe that the instigators involved in the rioting were anarchists, the same ones that rioted during the Olympics.  Sure, there were lots of drunk fans, and most likely some of them participated in the riot.  But I believe that the rioting would happened even if the Canucks had won the Stanley Cup.

But anyways, the celebrations made for some fun photography, and here are some that I took:

Sure there was this, but I don't think that they meant any harm

Watching the game on the big screen

Crowd turning onto Granville St from W. Georgia
Oh, and for some more good news, it turns out that next day, many people from Vancouver came out and helped up with the cleanup.  There is even a photo floating around where some people posted thank you post-it notes on a cop car.  It's not all bad!

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