Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gathering stuff for the bike trip

Put some bar extensions on ends, so hands can be in different positions during ride
Sat, June 25 -Today I found some energy to go shopping for bicycle gear needed for Summer tour.  I've been sick with a chest cold for the last few days, so it's been hard doing anything after work.  I think that I'm getting better though.  I haven't been able to ride as much, but the weather has been terrible, so I don't think that I would have bike much anyways if I did feel better.

I decided to buy the spare tire, and bought the Continental Travel Contact fold-up tire that I looked at recently.  I also got some bar-ends as I found when I rode to Jasper last year, they would have come in handy.  They also had some bar extensions that go in the middle of the bar, but I feel like it might add bulk to the bike.  Although, there were a few riders that did have them on their bikes on Tour De Jasper last year.  So I am not sure at this point.  I have time to decide.  I just tried out the bike and I love the end bars, they are very handy.  I had to adjust gear shifter a bit, but works good now.

I think that I will also get this bar extender, it adds space to add items like a light, or a bell.  Just like this one!  I have no room for anything but my Squirt and odometer.  I want a place to put the black bell on as I will need it when I am in Vancouver.  Could also possibly put a light on there at one point, but I usually use a headlamp when it's dark.

The bike shop person is looking into a bar bag that is suitable for touring.  He thinks one that goes away from the cables is better, and he doesn't have that kind in stock.  He's working on that for me, so I will see what he comes up with.
I'll see if these help give energy, as mentioned by Tour De Jasper organizer

-Sunday, June 26th. I finally rode more today.  I haven't been riding much for the last few days due to a chest cold.  As I am feeling a bit better today, I biked up to College Heights via Peden Hill again.  Not the biggest climb, but a climb nevertheless.  I don't want to push it yet, until I'm completely over the cold.  I do feel so guilty though, I SHOULD be riding more, like 70 kms more!  I did about 20ish today, including the hills.
Squirt found some water
 The Tour De Jasper meeting went well, there are 2 couples that are returning.  One couple is biking back to home versus taking the train.  Being the sweep shouldn't be too bad, I just have to be the last one and make sure the last  people are drinking and eating enough.  Also, I'd help fix flats if needed.
I've already worn my handgrips well, but still good to use

My bike has turned into a touring beast

I bought a cheap MP3 player for the ride that uses AAA batteries.  I don't want to worry about finding places to charge my regular players.  It's nothing fancy, but will do the job.  I just have to find a way so that I don't kill it with sweat or water like I did last year.  I am almost tempted to buy a $79 bike shirt with back pockets, but I don't know!  I find having music helps me keep on going, especially up big hills.  I know I'm bad, but.....


  1. Squirt looks great!

  2. When are u leaving? Have fun !

  3. Not until July 20, but it's coming up soon!



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