Sunday, June 5, 2011

Squamish Adventures

Today I went on an adventure to Squamish. My brother rock climbs so we went to Smoke Bluffs which is in the town limits. It was the perfect day to be outside.

Christina with Aaron
I didn't end up climbing, but I did look for a geocache, unsuccessfully. I knew where it was and dug around the ground, but couldn't find the tupperware container.  Darn!  At least I tried.

When I wasn't geocaching, I hanged around the climbing group. There are many places along the way where you can climb, and there were a lot of other climbers enjoying the nice day.  I want to take rock climbing classes one day!  Didn't feel confident about doing this one even though I have rappelled before.
My brother Phil getting ready for a climb

Future climber
Never to young to learn something new
 We left in the afternoon so Aaron could have his naptime in the car.  While we were in Squamish, I noticed a lot of cyclists.  Squamish is a popular area for Mountain Biking.  I also saw a lot of road bikes on the Sea to Sky Highway.  That would be a neat trip to do, biking from Whistler to Vancouver- at least 100 kms I think.  I'd stop along the way and do some geocaching.  I'd take the bike on the bus to Whistler, stay at the HI hostel there and bike back.  Hmmmm, sounds like a great idea to me!  Anyone one to join me? ;)

After we enjoyed some Gelato  in Squamish, we then drove out to where the parasailers are. I took some quick photos and we headed home. We took the scenic Marine Drive when we hit Horseshoe Bay.  I really love West Vancouver!

We ended the day with some burgers and beer.  Tomorrow I'm off to the island to visit with parents before returning to Vancouver next week.


  1. Good to see lots of bikes on the Sea To Sky. I did that route in Sept 2010 for the RBC GranFondo Whistler event and it's a pretty amazing ride, especially with the road closed to cars for the event.

  2. I think I would stay on the flat ground with Christina and Aaron.. Rock climbing scares me!!



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