Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A bike ride with Pedal Talk

Pedal Talk's Hamish
On Wednesday, June 8, I joined PaddyAnne from Pedal Talk for an afternoon ride around Vancouver.  The main mission was to search for a bike bell.  I've been watching her posts about various bike bells that she spots while riding around Vancouver and I thought that it would be neat to have one of my own.  And the best part is that I'd be the first in PG to have a funky bike bell!

I got to ride Salley, which is her commuter in town bike.  As I am about the same height as PaddyAnne, the bike fit very nicely on me, and no adjustment was needed.
I got to ride Sally with Arliss the Killer Whale bell
Arliss the Killer Whale bell

There was also a nice Canada Bell on the bike too.  I found out that while riding in Vancouver, one can never have too many bells!

We visited several bike shops that sold bike bells so that I would have a chance to see what was available for sale out there.  I returned next day to pick up the one I chose, a dolphin.

We then continued riding on the bike path past Science World and around to the North side past the Olympic Village.  It's quite enjoyable not having to ride on the roads.

We stopped along the way and PaddyAnne chatted with a bicyclist named Leona.  She had a neat Frog bell that she has had for at least 10 years.  She was relaxing by the ocean.  She's been retired for a few years and is enjoying life.  What a wonderful way to do so!
We met Leona who had a neat Frog Bell

The frog bell

After having dinner with PaddyAnne at a restaurant on Granville Island, as we were unlocking the bikes, we noticed this bike with cardboard in the rim.  Apparently it is a polo bike, and the cardboard prevents the polo strick from going through the spokes.  Click here for more information on Bike Polo.  There is a bike polo group in East Vancouver and their website is at http://leagueofbikepolo.com/club/east-van-bike-polo

A polo bike

A polo bike

Scenery along our bike ride

Thanks goes out to PaddyAnne for the nice ride in Vancouver, it is nice to enjoy a ride with someone rather then biking around on my own.  Hope to ride with you again sometime!  Here is a link to Pedal Talk's post on our ride- http://pedaltalk.blogspot.com/2011/06/catching-rays.html
Riding on Sally with Arliss leading the way


  1. Hey! I know a turtle that looks like that.. Hey, that IS my turtle!!

    We had a great ride Carolyn, and on a super day too. You've got some great pics and hat's off to you on picking the dolphin - its one that I had never seen before, so I'm very happy that you picked it to be your bike bud!

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