Sunday, July 31, 2011

Down from the Mountains

Going up Roger's Pass through many tunnels
There have been many adventures since I've last posted.  Right now I am relaxing at a friend of Jim's in Vernon.  I got more laundry done and have swam in the pool.

Entering Yoho National Park
We left Lake Louise last Monday or so.  (It's so easy to lose track of time) After spending a wet day there, it was nicer when we left.  We had a good day as there were some big hills going down.  And I mean mega hills, the kind which we all dream of racing down on, on a bike of course!  I feel sorry for those poor souls that we saw riding the other way.  It would be a tough ride ahead of them.

We made it to Golden, which was an 80 km ride from Lake Louise in a record 4 1/2 hours!  What a blast, downhile for a lot of the way.

We camped in Golden at the Municipal campsite.  We had our bikes cleaned at the shop for cheap.  Sorry for the repeat, but now that I can post photos, I can do a much better post about it.

Golden Bike share
  After spending a night in Golden, we headed out to Revelstoke.  This was a massive day as we were to ride 160 kms with a big pass in the way.  I am glad that it was raining, as it made it easier to go up.
Jim's bike 'Ginger' needed a new tire in Revelstoke
 We stayed at a hostel in Revelstoke, that I found while googling on my phone in Golden.  I love tech!  I had a good beer after the long day.  It was nice though that most of the riding after the pass involved going down.

We left Revelstoke with good weather and more downhills.  We are descending from the Rockies into the Okanogan.  As we biked lower the hotter it was.
A creative way to reuse a behive burner
We rode 80 kms to Sicamous.  Jim was thinking of visiting friends in Salmon Arm which was a bit out of the way.  I was feeling tired from the heat at this point so I was a bit grumpy, I'm sorry to say!  His friends weren't home so we ended up going down highway 97A down past Mara Lake.  I was beat at this point and was ready to stop at any time.  We though we might have to ride to the next town to find a place to stay as places were all booked up for the long weekend.  (we didn't realize this)  Just when I was ready to throw the towel in, I spotted a campsite resort sign around the corner!  And there was Jim's bike!

Woot!  I laid down on the grass..thinking that they would be full. Jim had been trying to get a campsite along Mara Lake but the sites were all full and wouldn't even take one more bicyclist.  I walked into the office not expecting to get in, and the lady said that they were all full!  What?!!  Ok, that's it, I'm ready to find a place in the bush anywhere along the highway, I don't care!  It's too freakin hot!

Ah, the joke was on me!  Jiim got her to say that and she had hidden the reciept.  Darn!  What a joker he is!

The first place that I headed to was the pool!  Then I set up camp.
Was I EVER so happy to find this campsite with a pool!

Campsite near Sicamous, nice and dry under the trees
We left this morning to Penticton Vernon early as I was on Mountain time still.  And here I thought I had slept in!  I'm keeping myself on that time I think.  It's easier riding in the morning when it's cooler. 

We rode a short 65 kms today to Vernon and are staying at a friend's of Jim's.  They have a pool which is nice.  Tomorrow we will visit with the father of the organizer of Tour De Jasper, before riding 125 or so to Penticton

Early ride to Vernon
In the Okanagon

Relaxing in Vernon.  It's hard work riding a bike you know!

This is the route that I've ridden from Jasper, Alberta.

View Larger Map

Next on to Penticton, then Manning Park and on to Hope.


  1. I forgot to post that at the Columbia Icefields, I got too close to Jim, and he fell and I fell, at the intersection, like dominos. We were ok though.

  2. Good job Carolyn ! hang in there you will be in Van before you know it. Are you biking back to PG?

  3. No, not enough time. I will pack and box bike up and ride the bus home. I will take the bus as I can choose any day to go home. Might spend a few in Vancouver area as I see it's raining alot back home. (surprise surprise)



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