Sunday, July 17, 2011

Adventure - just around the corner!

Bike shoes I bought, also bringing Keen Sandals
It's only a few more days until my next adventure starts.

I've been pretty busy prepping for it.  I bought some Bike shoes this week.  A friend gave me her half/half pedals.  I decided to go clipless route this time around as except for the discomfort of using cages, I liked the extra power they gave me, especially going up hills.  I could have just used my Keen Sandals for the whole trip, without the clipless pedals, but maybe it'll be nice to have more support in a shoe.  I could have easily spend the same amount (which wasn't bad as it was around $90 for the shoes) on non-bike specific shoes.  The Keen Sandals cost more then that, but they are so comfortable!  One thing for sure, the bike socks that I got last year are comfortable for biking, my feet don't get wet with sweat.  And the shoes seem quite comfortable too!

The middle bag lets air out making it more compact.

I have bought a total of 3 dry bags.  The one for the evening clothing compacts nicely as lets air be released, but not let water in.  For the rest of the stuff, I'll take my chances with garbage bags, and Ziploc bags.  I'll bring extra of those. The small bag is for my electronics, wallet, etc..

I like the bar bag, as it's easy to reach for snacks, the camera, sunscreen, and other stuff. I can easily take it off so it's my 'purse' for the trip. I am going to use a spray on sunscreen - 50 SPF- this time.  I know it doesn't work as good as lotion, but last year I ran into trouble for not using the lotion enough.  I burned a bit!  I think that with the spray it's easier to keep topping up every time I stop.

I never usually like Clif Bars, but I tried out the Carrot Cake flavour one, and it's ok.  So I bought a few of those for extra energy.  Maybe I packed a bit much of extra food for the Tour De Jasper part of the trip, but I can always have it shipped back in the Rubbermaid container that I'm bringing with me on Tour De Jasper.  Bringing the container along for the Tour De Jasper part is great too in that I can have totally separate clothing for that leg of the trip!  I'll just sort when I am in Jasper, what I want to bring on the rest of the trip.

I think I got everything that I need for the trip.  I don't want to get any more things.  ;)  Glad I'm borrowing all the panniers again this year, as I already spent too much!

And just a reminder, I will post on the blog when I can during the bike trip.  It may be with or without photos, depending on public computer access.  At the very least I will be updating my Twitter feed, which you can see down below on the right. I invite all my blog followers to follow my Twitter feed during the trip.  I will not be able to even update that every day as reception for the cell in the mountain will be spotty at best.   I will write notes so that I'll be able to remember things when I need to post them on a computer.

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