Thursday, July 7, 2011

Introducing my big adventure.

This is my 2011 Adventure trip by bike- 1400 kms or so!
Here is what my crazy adventure will be this Summer!  And boy is it big....

I start off with helping out on Tour De Jasper which I did last year.  We ride from PG to Jasper which is about 389 Kms (241 miles).  This is the easy part of the tour.  All I have to do is be at the end as a Sweep and I don't have to carry much.  I'll do dishes too.  I'm sure looking forward to all the good food!

After the tour finishes in Jasper, I'll continue on with another Volunteer, Jim, ending up eventually in Vancouver, BC.  There are also 2 other riders on the trip that will be riding for a day down the Icefields highway and we'll ride with them.  I hope that we can join the tour for a big breakfast before heading down the Icefields from Jasper.  We'll find a way to, I'm sure.
I'm bringing my backpacking stove so we can cook food (and for coffee too!)in the Park as we won't hit services much between Jasper and Lake Louise.  There are several campsites to stay at along the way.  It's approximately 249 Kms  (154 miles) between Jasper and Lake Louise.  We should bump into some other bike travellers who were also on Tour De Jasper last year, they are riding from Vancouver to Calgary.  The couple riding with use down the icefields highway will be returning to PG by bike!

Then we head off back into BC via Revestoke and Roger's Pass.  We head down to Kelowna, Vernon and loop up a bit heading to Princeton and Manning Park.  After, we ride from there to Vancouver eventually.

 I'm glad that I don't live alone so that the person who lives with me can watch the birds.  Thank goodness!  I'm going to miss them.  If there was a way to bring them, I would! ;)  Not to worry, Squirt will keep me company.  He's looking forward to returning to the ocean.

I'm trying to find bag covers for my bar bag, but I wonder if putting a bag inside the bag will work?   There doesn't seem to be one for my bag, and Axiom doesn't sell any either for their bar bags.  I'll use garbage bags for my front/rear panniers.

While waiting to ride, I've been inspired by this family travelling around North America, by bike.


  1. I'm looking forward to hearing and seeing pics of your trip. Will you be able to post from the road? If not, at least keep a diary!

  2. I'll try my best to post when I can. There's a lot of places without access. I don't have a laptop, so I'd have to rely on public computer.

    At the very least, you can follow me on Twitter (link on right) as I will be posting there when I can, including photos.

    I can post to the blog too via cellphone, but without pics. I might even do that, quick updates.

  3. Nope, that's no good as it publishes my cellphone number. I'll do my best to post here, but I've been posting to Twitter and that works good.

    I have web access to, will test that.

  4. Hi, yes, was going to mention that it was a bit..wonky!! cheers! Pat



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