Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Baxter frolics in the Snow

It was a real snow day today, and the snow is still falling.  Despite being very hesitant about getting him dirty in fresh snow, I took him out today.  I rode him to work and back, and then I rode to the Post Office with him to get more stamps for my Postcrossing activities.
It only started snowing when I finished work and biked home.  But by the time I rode from home to Post Office only a short time after I came home from work, there was already quite a bit of the white stuff on the ground!
All dressed up for Winter

But onward I rode, to the Post Office.  I was lucky to find a stranger to take the rare shot of me all dressed up in Winter clothing.
This postcard is going to Finland
After purchasing a couple of stamps, I rushed home and picked out my postcard and address to send it to.  My most recent postcard is going to Finland!

I rode the bike today as I really had meant to use it for Winter, even though I don't want to 'wreck' it with the Winter Harshness.  I wonder if Teflon cables rust. Hmmm.  A coworker thought I should use him and not Floyd all the time as that's why I bought Baxter.  I do think that he enjoys riding in the white stuff as he has big knobby tires and he can 'handle' the challenge!

Besides, I was reminded by Sarah from Girl's and Bicycles, who said in a recent post about riding her Pashley in the snow,  "C'est la vie! Bikes are for riding. So we should ride them, even if there is sticky snow on the ground.".  That's the spirit that I should capture!  Bikes are meant to be used, even if it means more maintenance at certain times.  I will just have to make sure Baxter gets some sweet tender care from a local bike shop after Winter!  Oh, but it so hard as I do love Baxter, he is such a sweet looking bicycle.

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