Friday, November 18, 2011

Biking with a Record snowfall

Cold Crisp snow doesn't stick to Baxter
We just had a record snowfall of around 23 cm the other day.  I decided to 'walk' the bike to work when it was still snowing.  I was hoping that I would be able to ride home after work.  I found it a bit challenging walking the bike as even though the sidewalks had been cleared, it had been a while and there was quite a bit of fresh snow on top of plowed sidewalk.  I ended up being a little late for work as I was slowed down.  Perhaps, I shouldn't have brought the bike!

Well, it turned out that it was mostly good riding home, with the sidewalks cleared.  I had to walk it across some snowy intersections though.

The only time I bike on sidewalks is in Winter
Today, it was much better!  It stopped snowing last night and when I went to work this morning, the main street that I was riding on was getting cleared.  I admit that during the Winter, I tend to be a 'sidewalk rider', even though it's not as safe as being on the road. If the road is fairly bare, then I will ride on it.  I just feel better on the sidewalks and I really don't want to piss off the drivers.

Even though it was -15 (5 F), I was toasty warm riding up the sidewalk to work.  As long as I kept moving I was good.  I used the clear safety glasses so my eyes were not stinging from the cold.

All the parking space that I could want!
It was good riding home today.  It was still cold, but the Sun made it seem warmer.  I stopped over at the grocery store to get some food.  I am glad that I used Baxter as the basket came in handy!  I think he'll handle Winter ok.  The other beater isn't so good since I put Baxter's tires on him which aren't knobby.  Baxter's knobby tires seem to be able to tackle anything!

I think that Winter is here to stay! It may still say Autumn on the calendar, but here in Northern Canada, it's definitely Winter.   I am so lucky that the road that I use to go to work is cleared quite frequently and quickly after it starts to snow.

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