Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's true, Winter bicycling have arrived...

Winter riding in 2010
I should have taken photos, but Winter has arrived here!  I biked yesterday in the snow to go babysitting.  Despite the crummy stormy weather, it was nice to get outside.  After babysitting, I ran to the store to stock up on more of my favourite coffee.  The store that I get it at is a little out of the way, and it's not so easy getting there when the snow is deep.

I am lucky that I have to bike up a main street to get to work, so it's always cleared when I need it.  I admit, I do ride the sidewalks after a fresh snowfall, as they are usually the first things cleared after a dump of snow.  It's the only time that I do that.

I've been using Floyd, the Pink Beater as I don't mind getting it messy with the dirty roads.  I'm glad that I have a whole Winter season to use him as since I bought him on last Boxing Day, I only got to use him for half of the last Winter.

All is well with riding, but yesterday, I did have some jerk yell that he hated bicycles as he turned onto another street.  I had taken the lane to go straight ahead across the intersection, as I didn't want to be on the right hand corner when someone wants to turn there.  I had a right to take the lane!  Well, that lane is confusing.  It's a turning lane on a 2 lane street.  I'm sure that the right lane is a right/straight lane, giving you the choice, as it continues on to the next block.  What do you think?

Maybe I should have been more left on the right lane to give the guy a chance to turn.  I don't know, that's just a confusing intersection, I've had problems with rude drivers there before.

It feels good being out and about despite the weather.  People seemed amazed that I was riding in such conditions.  I have the trainer inside, and surprisingly, it works for me!  I like watching videos on youtube and listening to my favourite tunes.  But I have to be careful about using it, as I live on the top floor of an apartment and already the neighbour below heard me and tapped the ceiling today.  I since moved the bicycle to my bedroom, alas without computer.

Listening to favourite music does help and since the person below is out a lot, I just have to take my chances as I have been able to ride on the trainer with no problems before.  It's a good thing that the trainer is portable!  The trainer is good when I stay home, as I often I feel crummy just hanging around.  A bit of riding on the trainer makes me feel so good!

I'll see if can take some photos for you tomorrow to enjoy.  I'm also excited for the upcoming snowshoe season, we have a few 'Full Moon' snowshoes which I am excited about!  It'll be fun posting about those adventures when snowshoe season is full swing.

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