Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mailbox surprises

Cute postcard from Nolleke
It's been a while since I posted about Postcrossing.  I stopped doing it during the Summer as I was away from home for quite a bit of time and I couldn't register any postcards if they came while I was away. You actually have to put yourself as inactive a month ahead of your holidays.  I slso wanted to save some money, especially for a little bit after the I didn't send any out right away when I returned.  But I'm back at it again!  What a fun way to spend your time.

Nolleke found me yet another bicycle themed stamp!

Nolleke, my Postcrossing friend from the Netherlands has been sending me bicycle themed postcards steady.  She has an eye for finding them and bicycle themed stamps.  Of course, Netherlands being bicycle central, I imagine that there are quite a few of them out there from that country.  Thank you for doing that!  I have a few cards laying around that I should send you.  :)
Thanks Emi for sending me this Japanese Bike themed postcard.
My other postcrossing friend, Emi, from Japan, found me one featuring a bicycle in it.  It's a postcard from a tv show featuring a Doctor who travels by bicycle around an Island, to visit his patients.

I love the Snoopy Airmail stamp.

German Postman bikes
I love the gnome on the back of German postcard

I received a surprise Bicycle themed card from Germany.  This was the first official Postcrossing card that I have received for some time!  To the lady that sent it, thank you for finding that one.  I think that it's cool that Postman have their own bicycles.

Words on this Finnish Postcard  mean 'Seed into the Furrow'
 I received another official Postcrossing Postcard the very next day, from Finland.  This one isn't Bicycle themed, but I like it nevertheless.  We get snow like that here, especially in the country!

I love the creative stamps on the back of the Finnish card

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