Saturday, November 26, 2011

Northword Interview Article- Committed to Cycling

Yeh, an interview that I did in August for a friend, just got published.  It's all about us tough riders of Northern British Columbia. My friend Peggy, is also featured in the article.  Ironically, even though the magazine is from here, and we all live in the North, the actual interview was done in Vancouver by MEC in August!  If you live in this area, you should pick up a copy.  There is a listing where you can find this free magazine by going to the website at   If and when it becomes available online, I will be sure to post about it on my blog for all my fans to view.

Speaking of Northern BC bicycle riders, our local paper, the Citizen also published an article about that around the same time!  My friend Jillian who is the president of our local Cycling club is mentioned in it.  Yeh!  We are beginning to get noticed!  There are more and more bicycle riders on the road all year round then there used to be and every year there are a few more.  We don't let the fact that we live in a area which has Winter for 5 months stop us from riding.  We really are Cold Road Warriers.  You can view the article in the local paper by clicking this link:

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