Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Calm between Storms

Icy path on the Heritage trail
I've been enjoying a three day weekend, despite it being very stormy outside.  I think that Winter is here to stay.

After staying inside most of yesterday, I decided to head out for a walk.  I was originally going to bike, but as it's very icy outside and I don't have studded tires, I quickly put the Pink beater back inside.  This definitely is a studded tire day!

 I walked on the path that I enjoy bicycling in the Summer on.  It hasn't been cleared and is icy, but the City does sometimes clear it during the Winter.  I am not sure if they sand it though.

Despite the cold windy day, it was nice to see some wildlife.

This area has a few baseball fields and they were used to host this past Summer's World Baseball Challenge 2011.
Baseball Field is quiet now
That's UNBC up on the hill in the background
I am glad to have taken a walk outside while the weather was nice as another snowstorm is on it's way!  Keep it coming, I want to go snowshoeing!

For those Winter riding days, I have some clear goggles to wear to protect my eyes from burning in the cold. Boy, will I ever feel geeky wearing these!  But better then being blinded in the cold wind.

All set for a Canadian Winter..

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