Monday, January 16, 2012

Art Knapps to UNBC snowshoe adventure

It was another great snowshoe, despite that it was a chilly -17 C (0 F) day with a bit of wind.  We were scheduled to snowshoe to the Cliff.   The trail was icy and we wouldn't have needed snowshoes, just crampons. Some of the people though, had rented snowshoes for the day.  Rather then have them waste the money for renting them when not needed, we chose to snowshoe on a different route that involved bushwacking so that there would be actual snow to snowshoe on.

Rob gets all set up for the snowshoe
 Since it was a cold day, I made sure to bring extra clothing along and to wear all my warm gear.  After making the mistake of not wearing my Northface Snowshoe boots on a trip last year that was also a chilly -18, I made sure to wear them this time!  There's nothing worse then frozen toes.

Here's my trip report that I will be posting on the Rambler's website soon:

On a crisp Sunny morning,  seven people joined us for a bushwhack  to UNBC from the Art Knapp's parking lot by the Blue Spruce trail.
We were originally going to be snowshoeing to the Cliff, but as the trail was icy and packed down, we wouldn't have needed to use our snowshoes.  The only problem was that two of the people snowshoeing had rented their snowshoes, so they really wanted to use them. Nowell though that it would be a good day to do a bushwhack as there was still snow to be found off trail.
It was a cold morning, but everyone was well dressed, so no one was cold.
Eventually, we found our way to some of the bike trails.  We saw tracks from some night 'Ice Biker's' that Nowell saw the night before when he was checking out the trail to the Cliff.
We made the parking lot in good time.  It was an awesome day to snowshoe!

Night Icebiker trails

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