Tuesday, January 3, 2012

December happenings

Christmas splurge at MEC
December was a month of adventure.  I made a trip down to Vancouver and area to visit with family.  It was rainy, but I had a good trip.

I had fun with my nephew!

I splurged on some bike related stuff at MEC and I also bought a bell at a bike shop on Vancouver Island that will go on.  It's a World cup Soccer bell that will go on Baxter. I perhaps will find him an animal bell this Summer.  I also got him the blue USB chargeable front light.  I also bought a couple more Turtle Front lights so I don't have to keep moving the other pair between bikes.  MEC sells the batteries for them for cheap, at .50 cents a pop, so cheap to replace the batteries in the budget Turtle lights.  I bought a few more expensive ones for my Planet Bike blinky strap.  I also finally bought the Filzer Mini-Zee pump which has a gauge on it.

Out with the old and in with the new!

Zipper is separating.

I have used a blue Velo Backpack designed for cyclists.  I've had it 5 years and the zipper is going on it.  Unfortunally, it's not covered  by Warranty.  (the zipper flaw is mentioned many times in the reviews)  Fortunally, I got another one on sale for cheap.  If MEC has a sale on an item, it's not a sale.  It means that they've discontinued the item.  Oh well, I hope I get more then 5 years out of my new Red one!.  I do plan to keep on using the blue one for as long as I can though.

While I was gone, I got a few postcards:

From Finland
The translation for the Finnish postcard is:  "A hand reached from a friend can replace many words.."

Scooter postcard from Shanghai

I've made up a nice Postcrossing kit, and while in Vancouver I stocked up on postcards.  My Sister-in-law got me some stamps for Christmas.
Postcrossing box full of goodies.
I haven't been biking much since December as it's been very icy.  I feel reluctant doing that..so I just walk around right now.  I can't wait until I can ride a little again.  I am starting planning more about what bike trip I want to do this Summer, if I can find someone to join me.  I am researching the Oregon Coast.  If I bike to Crescent City, CA, how do I get bike and me to Eugene, Oregon?  Is there bus service on the coast?  I see that the Cascades Amtrak from Vancouver to Eugene has bike racks!  That's a BIG plus.

Here's to an exciting 2012!


  1. I've ridden the Amtrak Cascades many times, and always see people with bikes taking it. They have a dedicated area for them, and you don't need to put them in a special box or anything. You just roll your bike along with you in the Vancouver Pacific Central railway station through the customs line and take it out to the platform with you.

  2. I think the bike rack idea is so cool! I wish Greyhound buses were fitted with them. I am looking forward to Summer adventures.



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