Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pacific Coast Summer Adventure

I've decided to ride from Astoria Oregon to San Francisco this Summer. I'm giving myself 18 days to get to San Francisco, which I think is a lot of time.  I definitely want to have at least one break day in there somewhere, or more, so I can enjoy the coast. I chose to go to San Francisco as it would be less painful for me and my bike to fly home in 6 hours versus travelling for several days on a bus and a train.  I also want to spend a few days in San Francisco to look around.

This is definite plans as long as I can find someone to ride with.  I've already had some interest.  Crossing fingers that I can find riders.  I think that 18 days means it won't be rushed if that's what fellow riders want. I like that you don't have to reserve for a campsite in both states as that means I can bike as far as I feel every day.

**Febuary 2012 update- I have found a rider to ride with.  But, I will still invite anyone else who may be interested in doing this trip to leave a message below and I will get back to you.  The actual mileage is about 1329 kms and we will have 17 days to make it to San Francisco.

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