Saturday, January 28, 2012

Recycle by sleigh

Sleigh locked to empty bike rack
Today was a great day to try out shopping with my new 'used' sleigh that was recently given to me.  It has been snowing lots and it's still snowing outside.  The roads haven't been cleared yet, so bicycling to the store would be challenging.  Though I did see one daring cyclist out there.
Taking the sleigh is a longer way of shopping, it's not so quick as shopping by bicycle.  But I live fairly close to the stores, so it is doable.  I will say though that it was quite a workout pulling sleigh full of food!  I don't have Gym membership, but I think that this builds some muscle strength and is a cheaper way of doing it.  (and more fun!)  I brought recyclables to the store and brought food back.  It's almost as much fun as it is to use the bicycle to recycle.

Took recyclables  to the store, brought food back.
 It was awesome that I wasn't as limited as to what I could buy as I am when I am just using a day pack.  I brought a bungee cord to keep things on the sleigh while I was pulling it home.  Lots of people were looking at me while I was walking with the sleigh.  I bet a lot of old timers were happy to see someone like me using a sleigh.  I'm sure it reminded them of when they were younger.

Thank you to the person who gave the sleigh to me.   She was on the club snowshoe last week and I was talking about shopping with a bike and the difficulties when the snow is too deep to ride.  She said that she had a few sleighs laying around.  This will be a very useful tool for me on my car-free adventures.

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