Friday, July 2, 2010

Canada Day Hike: Viking Ridge

I decided rather then spend a day at the park on Canada Day, that I'd go hiking instead!  I joined 9 others on a hike up Viking Ridge, which is just beside Highway 16 East of PG.

Some people wore runners and they soon regretted it when we walked through the wet marsh.  All in all though, it was a great day for hiking, even though it was a bit cool.  Mosquitoes only became a nuisance on our way down and we only got a light dusting of hail, which was lucky considering the amount of big storms in the area.

It was a bit windy and cold by lake but we decided to sit and eat lunch there with our hats and gloves on.  We left when a storm seemed to be coming in.  We usually hike up on the other side of the lake where you see the snow, but there was too much snow to hike up there safely.

We ended up walking up the right hand side peak.  One lady in our group NEVER hiked up a mountain before!  She did an awesome job!  I like that we were not rushed up on this hike and could go at a nice relaxing pace during the day. Only bad thing about the day is my moleskin didn't stay on my left toe and I got a big blister.  As long as I am wearing moleskin, I'm.  I am hoping biking long distance doesn't cause blisters.

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