Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Days were meant for biking....

Today I spent yet another day on my bike.  This time though, most of it was just biking around for no particular reason.  I wasn't alone, I invited a friend to join me.  I did get a few supplies and watered plants at house that I am watching.  Then off we biked onto a nearby Greenway trail that I love to take.  I do bike part of it when I go grocery shopping as it's convenient, but today we biked much more of it, all the way to Fort George Park.  If I am going to the park, I prefer this route then taking the road, as it's so much quieter.

This is my biking friend, Joe. It's nice to share a ride sometime. :)
There's this tunnel under the highway that I take lots.  The city was debating whether to build a bridge or a tunnel, I am glad they chose a tunnel.  It's much more bike friendly, although in Spring sometimes, it gets flooded.

It's such a peaceful ride in here..and shaded from the sun.  There's a bridge that we cross as we enter Fort George Park.

This is the Fraser River by Fort George Park.  It's a favourite place to hang out and fish, or just hang out.

Summers were definitely meant for a bike!  What a gorgeous day to spend outside.  Life is good, can it really be any better then this?  I think not.

I'm all ready for the big trip, only 2 days away...whew!

This Greenway ride qualifies as another event completed in the LGRB Summer Games.  What a fun games this has been.

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