Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Taking a longer route home

During the last week I have been getting ready for Tour De Jasper.  I've also been house sitting on the other side of the City.  This means I do not take the direct route home that I normally take.  I've been doing a few errands that are on the side of the City which I'm watching, so I have been combining them.

Today, I picked up some Cider at liquor store near work, then I biked to my house sitting job and took care of that, then off I went to one of our many bike shops to get a bike tube, then off to get some food at grocery store.  Last, but not leastly, I looked for some more sporting shirts for bike trip at our local second hand shop- I want to save a little on some of the stuff I am buying for the trip.  It took me an hour or so longer to get home this way, but since it is so nice outside, I enjoyed the cycling time between  places.

I've been using touring panniers that I have borrowed from friend.  I will be using them on Tour De Jasper next week.  Even though they aren't as big as my Basil Bags, I like that they pop off the rack easily.  I think I will be getting some one day for more bike touring.

Having a bike means it is easy to pop around town doing a few things, even after work.  It's a lot faster then waiting for buses or walking around.  It feels good to be using the bike so much.  It would be tempting to drive around if I had a car, but I know this is the better way of doing things.

Taking the long way home means I have completed one event of Part III of the Summer Games.  Sorry I don't have photos, but didn't take it with me today, I've been too busy focusing on prepping for the big bike tour next week.  I do plan on taking a picnic this weekend with this nice picnic basket I got for the bike last year.  :)

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