Monday, July 19, 2010

Close up of Dutch bike for all my Dutch bikes fans..

Here's a better shot of the Dutch bike I saw on trip.  It's made by Koga.  It looks similar to a Koga-Miyata, but I don't know how old these bikes are.   Actually, they were a couple and they both had the identical bike.  Click on it to get a bigger complete photo. What I like is that they had their names printed on it..special touch!


  1. Very nice Bike,I like the Idea of the two Kickstands it gives better support for the Load back and front of Bike. Is that a small Dynamo Light on the front.
    I could do with one of those on my Dawes Bike that I have for two Weeks. It is an Audax Bike that I hope to use for Touring.

  2. I forgot to say I have Straps on the Pedals and I am finding it hard to get used to them. I only had my feet in the two Straps twice. The first time was a Disaster I was testing it out on the Pavement outside the Bike Shop and Cycled slowly along the Path for 30 Metres and had to stop at a Junction and fell over on the Ground.

    I was more worried about the Bike than myself and started checking it out and some People came over to see if I was alright. I was not minding them at first then I said I was OK. The Pannier Protected the Bike but the Drop Handlebar Black Tape was a Tiny bit Scuffed with a small Tear which I stuck with Superglue.

    So I have been Riding around with one Foot in the left Stirrup and the right Foot on the Flat of the Pedal. It is a Steel Bike and very Nimble.

    I have a Dutch Azor City Bike as well.

  3. Not sure if the light is a dynamo. But there's a good chance that it is, considering it's made in Holland.

    The double kickstand is cool! I also saw one that goes from from top bar across bike. The name of the type eludes me, but offers more stability also.



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