Friday, July 9, 2010

Got a Knog

I got a Knog blinky light today.  I already have a super BLT LED blinky light that I use when it's dark, but I needed another one for Tour De Jasper.  My bike rack has no place to put a light.  In the off season that's ok as I can put my regular back light on the basket I have or the daypack that I am wearing.  But there's no place to put it on now and I need to have it on during heavy rains while on the road, so that vehicles can see me.

So I splurged and bought this:
It was a little cheaper then my BLT light, but not by much.  I guess redundancy is a good thing!  If I lose any or one loses battery power on the road, I have a backup!  For such a little thing, it has lots of power and it's easy to put on in different spots.  I found a spot on seatpost that works, without interfering the seat shock.

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