Friday, July 2, 2010

Ready for S240 or similar

I'm ready for my first S240 or similar adventure.  I might be over 24 hours depending on how long I'll be at friends.  These are the panniers I am using for Tour De Jasper, with less stuff in them as it is a supported trip.  My friend's daughter is having a graduation BBQ at her parent's and there's camping!  Also, it's not too far out, about 20 kms or so each way, so it's perfect for bicycling.

For camping gear I have:

1 MSR Hubba tent (1 person)
1 Therm-a-rest Woman's Ultralight sleeping pad
1 MEC Merlin Sleeping bag (under a kg!)
Black Diamond Headlamp

And anything other supplies I need.  :)

Adventure, here I come!

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