Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Regina 2010

I've been here a week visiting my Sister in Regina, and have had such a great time.  I am sorry that I haven't posted, but net access has almost been non-existent.  That's ok, I needed a break from it!

Here's some pics..

Camped at Buffalo Pound Lake, saw tunnels of Moosejaw, visited site of Corner Gas, and had fun with Sis!

First bikes...saw this one the Provincial Legislature building in Regina. 
My Sister's boss who owns the Dairy Farm that she works and lives at, he's on a basic bike with no brakes!:

I borrowed my a coworker of my Sis's bike- Rocky Mountain. Not built for me, not comfortable..too high!  Yellow Bike.

My Sister and her Boyfriend

Moose Jaw - Little Chicago

Above: Corner Gas set in Rouleau, Saskatchewan

Me and my Sister

It's so easy to dry my tent!

Well,that's it for now...on to Vancouver tommorrow.

1 comment:

  1. Nice pictures. You and your sister look a lot alike. Working and living on a dairy farm sound cool - something I would daydream about while living in the big city.

    Enjoy Vancouver. I love that city!



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