Saturday, July 10, 2010

Picnic with a view

Today was a busy day.  I was all over the place on my bike.  I was going to be prepping for Tour De Jasper, but a lot of the time was spent visiting friends at the Farmer's Market (where I got a free head of Lettuce and 2 donuts from an old friend of Mom's), and at a friend's place whom I lent a Lonely Planet book for her upcoming travels.  I did manage to sort the stuff for my travels, I filled the 2 bins with items that will travel in trailer during Tour De Jasper, another clear bag full of stuff that I need to take with me on the bike, and yet another suitcase for the 2 weeks of travel to Regina and then Vancouver.  I will really be jumping around the country, world traveller me!

I also managed to pick up some high energy snacks for the bike ride, to keep me going up those big mountain passes.  I hope I bought enough.  And lastly, got to go get some Passion Fruit Cider for the bike trip too.   A sales guy at a Liquor store display with it,  said they were a big seller and that there were only 3 cases left in the store!  Sucker me, put back the Apple Cider and bought a case of this Passion Fruit stuff, hope he was correct!  The last time, I bought a bottle of wine at display, only a few left, and it had rave reviews at the potluck I brought it to.

After all this, I found time to enjoy a picnic for dinner up at our local viewpoint, Connaught Hill.  I haven't been there for ages so I decided today was the day as it is so nice outside.  Summer is fleeting around here, got to make the best of it.   I bought the basket last Spring, but haven't used it till today.  I usually have my Basil bags on, and they are a pain to take off and then put back on. My bike is in Tour De Jasper mode, with borrowed panniers from friend that are easy to pop off.  So I thought I'd use the basket today, and tied it down with a bungee cord or two.  I never had a chance to invite someone as I've been so busy, but I went anyways..
I actually drunk the peach cider at home as I didn't want to be tipsy biking home (and drinking and biking a no-no)

Hello to all my Blog fans! Life is GREAT with a bike. :)

This is the view I see from my apt.  You can see UNBC on the hill in the distance and the road up the hill to UNBC that I like biking up.  Actually, not so easy to see, but it is there.

It was a nice break !  Now back to prepping for Tour De Jasper.  Nah, maybe I'll enjoy my cider.  Tommorrow, biking a greenway.

This completes another event in the LGRB Summer Games, although I didn't need it to want to have a picnic.  :)  The day just begs for one!

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