Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sis-in-Law's dutch bike

I got to try out my Sis-in-law's dutch's pretty sweet.

It was interesting riding it as it is heavier then my bike.  But I really liked it.  It has a pump with it and a lock too.  She hasn't used it for a year since she had a baby.

I am so glad she let me try it out though..and I sure will use it when I visit again as its' such a fun ride!

Oh, I do miss my bike!  I am having dreams of riding it on the California Coast, or inland across Canada, or even on Vancouver Island.  I saw the same Rocky Mtn bike on the island, but it was much taller then mine.

Today, going to see Pride Parade with Sis-in-Law, last night we saw big fireworks.  I'm staying at hostel because I got life time membership this year and the hostel is close to the action!   A few more days, and I'm home.  But first, I get to go paragliding on Monday!  Woot!  Right up my Alley, can't believe I get to try it out.  OMG!!  I like doing crazy things!


  1. Nice! I really wanted to test ride a Jorg and Olif when I visited Vancouver (before I bought my Dutch bike) but unfortunately I think that's right about the time they went out of business.

    I know the feeling of enjoying fun stuff on vacation, while at the same time yearning for home. I always miss my bicycles :)

  2. It felt so good getting back onto my bicycle. :)

    I am already planning trips for here. California Coast is on top. Or even from Vancouver, fly bike there and then bike south. All these crazy ideas!



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