Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tour De Jasper Part IV

You can buy carved animals in Mcbride.  No room on my bicycle for one, unless it's a hummingbird. LOL!!

In the last post, I left you in Mcbride, a small town with a population of 746.

I didn't stay long there, but did have a rest stop at a gas station.  I really needed to refill my water bottle!  I found some bicycles coming in, one was a Cannondale, and I thought it was part of my bike tour resting there.  But it turns out it was owned by a couple from Alaska who were moving south.  They were rearranging their U-haul trailer and had left stuff out, including 2 bikes, while sorting stuff in the trailer.  They were a nice couple though and they gladly watched my bicycle while I went inside the gas station

On my way out, I noticed bicyclists from my tour parked on the other side of the gas station, that I hadn't noticed earlier because of all the traffic around the gas station.

I found today an easy ride as there were strong tailwinds following me.  I could ride 38 kms an hour with little effort!

As I was biking I came across a rest area and noticed many of my fellow tourers resting at it, so I stopped and rested too.  It was a nice warm afternoon.  Here's a photo of me and tour leader/organizer, Nicole.  She biked with me a bit this day, which was so cool!  I'm in the Blue and she's in the Pink shirt.
Here's some photos I took of some of the bikes that the riders had on the tour, you can click on them to get a close up shot.

This guy (can't remember his name) has a Claud Butler bike from the UK.

After a nice break I headed back out again.  I could hear the road calling my name and beckoning me.

Just outside of Tete Jaune and above a BIG hill, I met up with another bicycle group,
Texas 4000 Ride for Cancer.  They were riding to support Cancer research, and they started in Austin Texas, and will end up in Alaska!  I felt kind of sorry for them as I was having a good day with the strong tailwinds and they were climbing up a big big hill INTO the strong winds.  I met this guy with cape which had signatures from those affected by cancer directly or indirectly.  He is a real Superman for doing this big journey!  :)  I think they all are riding a Felt Z85 bike.

More later....

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  1. You had a great time, Brilliant Trip. That Claude Butler looks like a Mountain Bike,it is an unusual configuration . That is a Hell of a Trip from Texas to Alaska but great doing it all the same ,you would be very Fit after it that is for sure. The Weather looks very good there nice and warm.A great Collection of Bicycles there.

    In Ireland it is very nice but around 20 Celsius 68F Ideal Traveling Weather Warm but not to warm.

    I hope to be going on a Cycle Trip Tomorrow with a Group Saturday 14/8/2010from The Phoenix Park Dublin to the Hill of Tara about 45 KM there and 45 KM back so not to difficult with mostly Flat all the way.



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