Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tour De Jasper - Part III

Morning has come to La Salle Lake.
Lucy and Duke are packing up for the day.  They had brought the coolest portable hammock that I've ever seen, they picked it up in Vietnam.

We will be riding about 105 kms or so (65 miles) from La Salle to Tete Jaune. Basically from up top left to bottom right- can't seem to edit google map in photoshop today.

One of many breaks along the way.  We took lots of breaks, I mean, why hurry only to be bored at the campsite?  You got to enjoy the ride and the views.  Things look very different from a bike.
And that sign reminds me of how we felt about passing lane signs.  When you see one for when a passing lane is starting, it means YET another hill to climb up!  When you see passing lane ending signs like this one, you are so elated!  It means you have almost made it to the top of the passing hill.  Different from a car where you hate to see them end. 

Pit stop near Mcbride.

Snacks you'd find at a pit stop. You'd never eat this good biking on your own.

Made it to Mcbride!

More to come, including meeting a group bicycling from Texas to Alaska!

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