Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Axiom Panniers

I am currently borrowing some Axiom panniers from the same friend who lent me the Serratous ones (MEC) for Tour De Jasper.  I had to return the MEC ones because that is the ones she uses all the time, and she didn't need them while I was on Tour De Jasper.  They were smaller, but were much better then the Axiom ones.  There is quite a pannier selection at the Axiom website, but I don't know how they compare to the pair that I am borrowing.

These panniers are bigger then my red ones, but I found that I didn't need big ones on Tour De Jasper because they carried most of my stuff!  I like that these have more room to carry stuff around town, but they are still not as big as my Basil Grocery bag.  I also find that unlike the MEC ones, the clips on top to not stay on the rack very well, and according to the lady I borrowed them from, they can detach if you go over a big bump/pothole, so you have to be careful when going over them.

The good thing about my Basil bags is that they are big!  The bad is that they have to be strapped on, no quick release brackets/clips like these type of bags, it is heavier then the touring type of bags, and I can't just have one side on the bike, it has to be the whole unit.

The good about the MEC or Axiom bags is that they come off easily so I can carry them into the store with me. Also, depending on what I need to do that particular day I can leave one or both on my bike.  The bad is that they are more likely to be stolen, especially if I don't take both off when I go into the store!

The clipping mechanism on the Axiom bags are not really that great.  I am not sure how much these bags cost, but not worth it I think.

I suppose that there is room in life for more then one bag, etc.  I have a choice of bags, baskets, and now a wood crate to put on the rack, so adding a touring set of bags would not be a big jump!  I am borrowing the Axiom bags for the rest of the summer as I was planning on doing one more bike camping trip, but now I am not sure.  I think it's good to test touring panniers out though.  A customer at work tried to sell me some cheap CCM bags that strap on, but why the heck would I want those?  (of course when I got my RM bike last year they asked me why did I spend so much, a $400 bike is just as good.  ROFL!! Yeh, right)  I would prefer ones that you clip on for touring so I can take off if needed...and I don't want cheap!  Even the Axiom bags were better then the CCM ones.

I do know that I want to buy red ones when it comes the time to purchase some.  And I've been told that Ortlieb are the best out there.  They are not cheap, especially the waterproof ones, but apparently they are worth the money.  Victoria used them recently on her ride across USA.

I want to buy a trailer too some time, and I think that would be better for touring, then to have front bags.  What's your preference for touring?  Front bags/back bags, or back bags and trailer?

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  1. I have a few Bags that I acquired over the Years and I use them according to what the load is going to be. The best ones are the Ortlieb followed by the Karrimoor Bags . I have a small combined Raleigh Bags which I never use now at all because they have to be strapped on.

    I also got a Dutch Agu Yamasaka Day Touring Bag lately for the top of the Rear Carrier Rails. This extends in Height and also has two Bags that can be Extended down the sides but I mostly use it in its compact form.

    So I use the Ortlieb Bags when Touring or Collecting Groceries as these are Big and also Waterproof but they are in Black ,I would rather they were Red.

    The last time I did a long Tour was ten years ago with the Karrimoor Bags on the back and the Raleigh Bags on a front Carrier this was on a Mountain Bike. I have since got the Ortlieb Bags.

    The next Time I go off on a long Tour I will try and keep it as light as possible and not bring a load of Rubbish with me.

    I was also thinking about a Trailer,they are getting very popular but again I would try and Travel as light as possible so maybe not.



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