Monday, August 16, 2010

Bicycling during fire season

I woke up today to smoke like this:

This is actually a photo from a few weeks back, but it has come back due to the 400+ forest fires burning in British Columbia at this time.

It certainly made bicycling to work that much harder.  I am glad that I have only a short bike to work, but what if my commute was much much longer?  I am healthy, with no breathing problems, but you got to wonder if bicycling in this thick smoke is bad for your health,  Inhaling smoke from cigarettes is, and I'm sure that there are toxins in this smoke, never mind particles of ash.

I really have limited options as there is no bus running when I go to work, just when I go home.  So I have a choice of biking or walking.  At least with biking, I reduce the exposure to it as I am outside for a shorter time.  I definitely will keep on biking, even during this, but I suppose not pushing it is a good idea.  I will admit though,  that it is stinging my eyes and irritating my throat.

Any feelings out there about bicycling in thick smoke from fires?

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