Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sears Kids with Cancer ride- Team Member Peggy Tobin

My friend Peggy is participating in this year's Sears Kids with Cancer Ride.  She has had various fundraisers this year including poinsettia sales, pub night, and a silent auction.  She has to raise $25,000 for it, and she has $15,000 left to go!

I visited her at Sears in Pine Centre Mall for her latest fundraising event, riding a stationary bike for a few hours.  I originally was coming to take photos and say 'hi' but after returning home to get camera only to realize it had no card in it (d'uh!) I realized that there must be another purpose to me being there.  I sat with her a while, till a friend came and donated.  He helped me pass out pamphlets, I don't know why I didn't think of it.  A photographer from the local newspaper came and took photos.  He also gave us hints on how to solicit donations.   I am glad I helped her as we raised $200 today!

Here's mention of the fundraising day in the local paper from the other the day.

She is thinking that we will have an opportunity to raise more money there again on another weekend.  I would definitely help her out!  She'd get a few bikes/trainers and some people to help out.  I'd love to do some stationary pedalling for her cause.

I am glad I popped by her at the entrance to Sears, and did something good today.

Here is also a link to Peggy's website and to the profile on the Sears Kids for Cancer Ride website.

Way to go Peggy!

(I looked at the Sears website again and it looks like the team members will relaying their way across Canada.  That's not quite as insane sounding as biking across Canada in just 2 weeks- Sept 9-23)  Still...

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  1. I thought your were talking about Peggy. She has so much money to raise plus she has to put up her own money to support herself during the ride, ie buy food and lodging. She looks tired in the photo. I hope sheep feels better after her spinal tap scare a few weeks ago. It was Great you were able to help her out today Carolyn.



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