Monday, August 16, 2010

Bates crate on my Rocky Mtn!

Today I got my prize from LGRB Summer Games.  A Bates Crate, made in Chicago, USA.  Wow, it's so beautiful, and so carefully built.  Very good quality handcrafted bike crate, wish I knew the names of the types of joints these are.  They aren't dove-tails are they?.

As I do not have a porter crate compatible bicycle at this time, I attached it to my back rack.  A metal one looks good on her, so I figured that a wood one would be even more special.  I was correct!  I apologize if this is not how it was meant to be used.  But I really want to show it around town.

Thanks Dottie and Trisha for hosting such a neat contest with great prizes like this.  I'm so very happy!  And thanks to Bates Crate for sending one to Canada.


  1. carolyn

    im so happy you like the crate! thanx for the kind words.


  2. Hi Carolyn,

    Someone wonderful has made me a similar crate...can you detail (with pics) how you attached it to your bike. I'd like to start using it as soon as possible, but am not sure how I should best attach it.

    Thank you very much.

  3. I've just used bungees to put it on. It's better suited for a front rack mind you. I haven't used it much right now though as I have a metal basket on Baxter... and use panniers for my Red Rocky Mountain.



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