Saturday, August 28, 2010

August Critical Mass

After missing July's Critical Mass, I was back at it!  Like the one at the end of June, it wasn't too big, this time there were 7 or 8 of us.  It's nice to see though that there are always some people showing up for it, and there was at least one other that has been to them regularly.  There were a few people that I missed, but maybe they are on holidays as it's still Summer.  Hopefully they'll be back in Sept. Critical Mass.

We biked around town for a bit..

Then we biked a big section of the heritage trail that follows the Fraser and the Nechako Rivers.  We stopped for a break near where the Nechako feeds into the mighty Fraser.  It threatened to storm, but never did.  I brought my rain gear just in case!
The lady with the orange bags with yellow stripes made those bags using old workers safety wear.  Looks pretty durable!  They clip on like most panniers which makes them very practical.  What a neat way to recycle!


  1. A lot different from the CM's in Vancouver! I went on a couple of them way back, they were *huge*! I'd imagine you don't need to worry about corking, or confrontations when it's a smaller sized one.

  2. I don't think we'll ever get big amounts of riders. The most I've ever seen come is 26.

    Still, at least we have one..and as long as some show up, we will keep running them. And we do take a lane!



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