Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Resisting temptations

I've never had a car.  But, I do have a licence and I occasionally rent a car or practice driving with my friend's or Sister's car.  Instead, I have been biking for 20 or so years.  Once, years ago, I had thought about buying a car, but was talked out of it by a customer.

The reason I've mentioned this is that I was recently offered a car by my Mom.  My Dad has a Honda Fit and due to his health, has been unable to drive it.  I am proud to decline the offer of the car as it would be a very big expense for me.   I also feel that it would be too much of a temptation and would pull me away from bicycling.  There would be no such thing as insuring it for a Summer road trip, I'd end up insuring it year round.

I would be less in shape, it wouldn't be as enjoyable as riding my bike, I wouldn't be so nice to the environment, I'd have less money to save, and unlike a bike, I'd have to refill the tank.  The maintenance would be prohibitive too as the car ages.

I think most people in this situation would be taking up the offer with open arms, but I have stood up and declined.  How many people could do that?  I am so proud of myself, as it wasn't an easy decision to make.  Yeh!  All my bicyclist friends out there who sold their cars have been my inspiration!  Not many could do what you did.  So if you can sell your cars, I can resist getting one.

(I shouldn't have told my Mom I bike in the Winter, she doesn't like that..but I told her I am careful and more and more people are doing that)


  1. Bravo!.. and, you can always rent one for a day if you have a task that requires a vehicle. :)

  2. Around town honestly, I don't need a car. When I invest in a bike trailer I'll be really set. There isn't much that I could buy that I'd need a vehicle for to carry it home. If I did, then I'd rent or borrow a vehicle. It is very nice to be self-sufficient.

    It's also been great biking more this Winter. The beater bike is working well for me, no flats or frozen chain links whatsoever. There are some days where it's easier to walk around, but I am finding I using use the bike a lot, it was the best $50 I ever spent! It saves on cab fares in the morning and I can use my bus tickets when I really need to use it. I can do my errands much more efficiently.

    My Rocky Mountain gets warm dry storage for the Winter which means it won't rust away. I miss riding her, but she's not much of a Winter bicycle I guess.



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