Saturday, January 29, 2011

What a difference a week makes!

Path to the Aquatic Centre
It's been a week since I last posted and it's amazing how fast the snow is melting.  It was a balmy 4 c during the week which made things really wet and slushy.  It felt like Spring!

It is now colder again, with a high today of only -8c, which I think is perfect.  Today it was sunny, so I really wanted to spend the day outside enjoying it.  I first took the bike out to do some shopping at the grocery store nearby.  The road was mostly bare with a few icy patches which I tried to avoid.  It was easy going.  As you can see the bike lanes have reappeared.
There is hardly any ice on the side streets.

There is a bike lane again!
After I finished with shopping, I realized that I wasn't ready to hang around home like I do lots in the Winter.  It was too nice a day to do that!  I recently was introduced to Postcrossing by my Sister-in-Law, so I wrote up a postcard to a lady in Finland.  Postcrossing is a site where you send postcards to random places that the site gives you (you have to register), and after the recipient receives the card and logs it online, then other people from around the world will send you a postcard- 1 for each one you send out.  (it is quite secure..only 1 person gets your address when requesting a random address to send a postcard to, for each postcard you send out.)
Sending latest postcard to Auli, in Finland

You are only allowed to send out 5 postcards at a time, although the more you send out, the more the limit grows. I think it's a cool idea!  It reminds me of my penpal days.  I have sent 3 out so far, one to Finland, one to Germany, and one to NYC.  I can't wait to see where I get postcards from.

After mailing the card I went for a ride. I was nice and warm, bundled up.  I then realized that it would be a GREAT day to do some geocaching as I haven't geocached since last Autumn.  I loaded one on my GPS with the coordinates of one new cache and off I went.  Before going, I registered my first travelbug that will be sent from cache to cache. It's called PGPunchbug.  I found the PERFECT geocache to send it off from.  I can only hope that it doesn't get lost like so many travelbugs do!  Wish it some luck.  I still have one more to send off in the future.
PGPunchbug Travel Bug

As I was biking I noticed this man skating on some ice. I love Winter!

This is where they take the snow taken of the City Roads.
It was great day to be on a bike, I even managed to visit a friend for a bit before sun started to set.  Tomorrow will also be great. Even though we have received no new snow, I'm going to go snowshoeing!   After last weeks disappointment of not going, this will make up for it.  And the temperature will be just right. I will take some more photos for you.

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