Sunday, January 23, 2011

Spring like bicycling in Winter.

After having a tough week with snow (I didn't bike much this week due to it), I finally got a chance to enjoy some riding.  Even though I kick myself for not going snowshoeing, it was a GREAT day to go for a bike ride!  The best part?  I didn't need to wear gloves, how cool is that?  I think I even overdressed too as it was warmer then I expected.  The sun sure feels nice after all the cloudy days that we have been having.  It was supposed to be overcast, 6c, and snowing.  But instead, it's a high of 3c, and sunshine.  Can't beat that!  Sometimes I am glad when forecasts are incorrect.
Check out how much snow we got.

The bike lanes are completely covered in snow.
I biked to Northern Hardware, where I got the chain for the bike.  I wanted to buy fenders and a rack as it's sorely needed.  There wasn't much for stock, but they said they will get new stuff in February, AFTER they do inventory.  I decided to wait even though it will be messy riding for the next few weeks if it stays warm.

I then biked around town for a bit.  It was quite a nice ride and I saw a few other cyclists out there.  I suppose I should have gone snowshoeing, but at least I got out and maybe I'll go out again as I have left bicycle tied up outside

Some side streets were good to ride on while others were not.
How many of you are out riding today?


  1. Looks pretty good for this time of year. I saw a few riders out while I visited PG for a few days last month in December. Many were on the sidewalk when on the main road and i don't blame them, the sides of the roads were quite snow covered.

  2. Looks great - what a difference a few days can make!!

  3. The bike lane sure does look pretty bad. They've been bad in St. Catharines as well, however sidewalks are not maintained properly so you can't really ride on them either.

    Last Friday was the only time I haven't been able to get out on my bike (so I ended up walking). Roads were in horrible condition and people aren't in the mood to share the road this time of year.

    Since Saturday we've been in a deep freeze, however I'll gladly take the extreme cold in favour of clear roads!



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