Sunday, January 30, 2011

Willow River Snowshoe

Beaver Lake

Today I spent another great day outside.  The sun was shining brightly even though it was a bit cooler then yesterday.  This time I made sure to wear my heavy duty North Face Snowshoeing boots, and 2 layers of socks.  I had 1 pair of merino wool hiking socks and some wicking liners.  For the most part, my feet were warm.  Even though they got a bit cold during lunch break, unlike the last time I went out with my other boots, my toes warmed up quickly.
I wore my North Face Snowshoe Boots, nice warm feet!

Even though it was -18 or so, 14 of us went on the snowshoe trip, which last about 4 hours.  We snowshoed from Willow River Interpretive Trail to the Wildlife lookout, which was 7 kms West.  We had vehicles in both locations so that they could shuttle the drivers.  Even though it started out cool, but the time we hit the highway, we were sweating as it was so warm. It's now -11c.  I had to loosen my scarf and I didn't need both layers of gloves at the end. I love the sunshine, even in Winter it warms you up.  In the bottom photo, you can see the Rocky Mountains in the distance, that's where we hike lots in the Summer.

I can't wait till next week's snowshoe.  Watch for my report here. If you haven't tried out snowshowing, you should!  It is a lot of fun!

The snow was hard and crispy, so no sinking in up to my knees.

We had picnic tables to eat lunch on, a real treat!

Look at the size of these tree roots.  Amazing!

We went the last 1 km along the highway to the Viewing Point parking lot.


  1. I bet that snowshoeing must help make your legs super strong! I like following your trips; makes me want to try it out, but we don't have the snow that you enjoy.

  2. We are getting lots of snow here in Nashua, NH. We received another foot yesterday and expecting more today along with freezing rain. Ended up staying home today. I'm watching the blue jays and there's one red cardinal flying about outside. Lovely photos btw and you inspire me to get outside :)

  3. Looks beautiful! Really great to see that you get out so much when it's so cold with so much snow. Inspirational. :)

  4. Carolyn - that photo of your boots is really creative! Good work.



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