Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Snowshoe into the New Year.

This Winter I was determined to snowshoe more as last Winter I didn't even touch my snowshoes.  The hiking club I belong to has been getting more into snowshoe trips and they now have a full Winter schedule!  Most of them until later on in the season, are easier ones.  I've always used excuses like "I don't have a good pair to climb up a mountain", or "I don't feel like being gone all day".  Well, there are no more excuses!

The easy hikes that they have scheduled leave at a decent time, 9 am, so I can sleep in.  They are short snowshoes at 3 or so hours each, so they don't take much of your day.  My Costco's special snowshoes are great for flat/hilly trails.  I get to enjoy good company, and some fresh air, so why make excuses?

The hiking club had even scheduled a 2 hour snowshoe on Christmas Day, and 10 people showed up!  I was quite impressed.  That snowshoe was a warm day, I didn't need gloves going up and even my thinner Winter jacket was too hot.  The later snowshoes were a bit cooler, but not below -15 celcius.
10 people came on the Christmas Day Snowshoe up Pilot Mtn.

I'm on top of Pilot Mtn.

Jan 2 snowshoe to Korky Lake

Rest Stop.  Pat, on the right, is our leader for the day.   

Bjorn, who created the trail in the 60s and named the lake after his dog.

The ice is thick enough on lake that we can safely walk on it.

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