Thursday, February 23, 2012

Adventures at Pidherny

Looking for flagging
This past Sunday, I led a snowshoe trip to the nearby Pidherny Trail Recreation Area.  In the Summer, the trails are used a lot by mountain bicyclists.  In fact, the trail system was created and is maintained by the Prince George Cycling Club.  According the PG Cycling Website 'The Pidherny area and the Nechako Ridge Recreation area has been approved as an official recreation site for all non-motorized users (Mtn biking, hiking, walking, skiing, snowshoeing, etc.).'

There were 10 of us that went snowshoeing.  As Nowell Senior couldn't lead the trip, I stepped up to the plate.  Nowell managed to flag some of the route, but not all.  He gave me the GPS coordinates of the route we were to use.  On a side note, while searching for a route, in the dark, after work, he startled a moose with his headlamp!  It started charging towards him.  He ducked down and turned off his headlamp, and the moose stopped.  Phew! That was a close call!
Anyways, I enlisted the help of my friend's Brendon, and Melanie, to help find the way using the GPS.  I know how to use one as I geocache with it but I wanted a second and third opinion.  :)  (Geocaching is a fun way to learn how to use a GPS! )
I broke trail first and followed the red/white flagging along the way going up a hill.  I decided at the trailhead not to bring my poles.  Big mistake!  Thankfully, other hikers lent me theirs.  But it could have been worse, one member didn't bring snowshoes as she was told the route was crusty and hard.  But we had a lot of snow, and in some sections it was deep, and she had to borrow from the others to get through.

Moose Tracks
Along the way we saw some moosetracks.  We followed the road until the GPS was pointing away from it.  But I wanted to take the 'easy' route and not bushwack.  So we followed the road in the hopes that it would wind back the correct direction.  We were wrong of course, and had to eventually bushwhack.  But we had a nice treat along the way, a Moose.  It stared at us which gave me the opportunity to take a good close photo of it.

After bushwhacking for a while we came to another logging road.  After this it was smooth sailing as it was packed down nicely, even with the fresh snow on top of it.

I love the creative trail names!
Near the end of the trip, we saw this hole that someone had dug into the dirt, and we just had to check it out!
Checking out 'cave'  Every kid's dream!

All it all, it was a lovely day to snowshoe.  The sun was shining and it was warm.  Thanks to all those who came out. You can view my trip report and look at more photos by visiting the Caledonia Ramblers Website.

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