Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Making Tracks at the Ancient Forest

On Sunday, Febuary 26, I led nine people on a snowshoe around the Ancient Forest.  Well, I let Nowell lead the way, which meant a lot of breaking trail.

At the beginning of the trip there was a nice hard packed trail for us to use.  It was a cool but nice day to snowshoe.  We had easy snowshoeing over the hard packed trails until we arrived at Big Tree.

Then it was a lot tougher going as the snow very very deep!  I was using my poles without baskets, so they were kind of useless as they sunk down deep.  I had to be careful not to lose them!  Someone nearly lost their nice knitted hat from Peru, but we dug it up for her.
Hard work on a steep climb in deep snow

After working hard to climb up to a bench, we explored a bit around there and made our way back to the Treebeard Waterfalls, which was hidden in the ice and snow.  It was hard going down the steep areas, so I ended up bum skiing sometimes.

Nice view of Mt. Sir Alexander in the far distance

A closeup of Mt. Sir Alexander courtesy of Nowell

Lunch break after the trip

Thanks to all those who came.  You can view my trip report and look at many more photos by visiting the Rambler's website.

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