Thursday, February 9, 2012

Willow River to Wildlife Lookout Snowshoe Trip Part II

A Snowshoe Hare

While snowshoeing we saw lots  of animal tracks including those of the Snowshoe hare.  I haven't seen one of those since I was a child.  There must be a lot of them now as there were tracks all over the place.  I was lucky on this trip to see one!  I like how the trip leader, Nowell,  wrote up about our little rabbit meet-up:

"Consequently, he sat not 10 feet away from us for several minutes allowing us to admire him,  and sensed that we were some kind of strange two-legged creatures placed there to admire him, take pictures, and to listen to Carolyn whispering sweet nothing into his beautiful long ears."

Cougar Tracks

More cougar tracks and bunny tracks
Some of the cougar tracks were 'following' the rabbit ones, so one person thought that the Cougar was chasing one.  We also saw wolf, coyote, weasel, and moose tracks.  This is a very busy place!  No wonder there was an animal viewing platform nearby.
We crossed lots of fallen trees

Got to have a pic of me

After snowshoeing for 5 hours, we reached the animail viewing platform.  Some people attempted to climb up the stair while wearing their snowshoes.  It was very challenging!  But as you can see some made it to the top.

All in all it was a fantastic day to snowshoe!  I was so happy to see such a big turnout.  Here's hoping that I get the same when I lead the snowshoe trip to Livingston Springs this weekend.
You can view
This upcoming Sunday Feb. 12 we will be snowshoeing to Livingston Springs
You can view the whole trip report written up by Nowell and also more photos of the snowshoe by visiting the Caledonia Ramblers website.

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