Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I don't miss the old days

I love this Winter! Except for the really cold spell one week, there hasn't been much of Winter.  Which of course, makes for wonderful bicycle riding.  I must say that I don't miss the Winters that we used to have.
I still have been using Floyd though
I have been riding him faithfully to work every week, except part of the cold spell.
Bike light blends in with other lights.

I still have to ride in the dark

I would still rather use Floyd as I don't mind getting him dirty.

The roads in the morning are sometimes icy even though it's been hovering around Zero, so I walk him on parts that I feel uncomfortable riding on.  In the afternoon, all is well, and I can have a good ride home.

The Roads are mostly clear of snow now.  Just on Sunday there was a lot of snow on the roads still. We did have some ice rain last night, but it was good riding today.

Snow on parts of some roads
And the Sun is even out again, it's just as nice as it was on Sunday when I walked up Connaught Hill.
The Sun shines on the Cutbanks
Which makes me wonder how the conditions will be this weekend for snowshoeing?  I decided not to go last weekend because it was too warm.  If there is no fresh snow before Sunday, and it stays this warm, will it even be worth going out?  Nine people did go out this Weekend and did have a good time though.  But it had snowed a lot the day before.  I really want to take photos for you, but if the conditions are so-so, I don't know.  But I will say, I like these warmer temperatures as it makes for enjoyable bicycle riding even if it is sloppy out there right now.  No more of that -40 stuff!

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